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We, at SCSK ServiceWare, provide high-value-adding BPO services to meet your business needs.

  • Contact Center

    Our focus is on enhancing your CX (customer experience) by optimizing the customer touch points customers use to contact you for assistance.
  • Back Office Administration

    Combining both BPO and IT, we enhance the productivity of highly public projects and prioritized operations.
  • PrimeDesk®
    (Support services for IT Operations)

    In addition to offering support for inquiries from internal users, we also provide all-encompassing support services for IT operations. This includes the implementation of security measures and the procurement, maintenance and running of IT equipment and software. In effect, we provide you with an effortless customer experience.
  • Integrated BPO

    Based on two distinct service solutions, one concerning the digitalization of knowledge for humanized operations and the other, the systematical management of service schemes within manufacturing, we provide comprehensive after-sales services for manufacturing businesses.
  • Sales and Marketing

    In addition to our digital marketing strategy, we generate leads through a one-stop service. This service, which harnesses inside sales, begins with the fostering of leads and then sends them to the sales department for further assistance.
  • Security

    In response to the ever growing pressure on security resources, from information protection laws to increasingly diverse cyber-attacks, we provide support for operations and HR development.
  • Digital Communication

    In order to provide you with the best customer experience, we have implemented the use of digital communication channels to optimize your customer touch points.
  • Assessment & Consulting

    From business analysis to the execution of reform measures, we provide consulting services from a unique front-line perspective, quintessential to BPO companies.
  • Training

    We provide training programs to help you identify and solve any business challenges you may encounter.
  • evelink® (Teleworking)

    evelink® (Teleworking)Need help solving any business-related issues? No worries, evelink® has got your back.Our fully remote-home-based team provides you with original services to help you concure any challenging business-related issues.
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